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Two of Saturday's NCAA games were both great with finishes down to the wire for South Florida and the Army boys.Less than 24 hours to get your BOWL POOL in and a dozen or so are missing - just sayin! First time in NFL history the score was 44-33, that is amazing trivia. Some teams still in the Wild Card running and everyone plays next Sunday to finalize the deal. Pittsburgh "wuz robbed" in Brooklyn vernacular; it was a catch, period!!!Annoying that Alabama which did not deserve to be in the mix but received a pathetic Clemson performance as a Christmas gift.The SEC bias prevails again, unfortunately; not that the Pac-12 deserved better this year.Mike and Zack certainly did and split first place; with two games left everyone picked the same two winners so it is all over for Week 17.The RESULTS tab above is also current for the Dave Biddle pool (Week 20).Oh well, cannot be disappointed when the odds are against you.Proud of you anyway Bryce Love; please do not go Pro yet.

You have my thanks and cheers.12/04/17: Once again Monday night a non-issue in the pool; Noah wins and newly-wed Zack takes second place for this week's payout. (1st place ) and Evan (2nd) for their Bowl Pool placings; well done especially as the Godfather was tail-end Charlie.Also, the Dave Biddle winner is Evan with Noah 2nd; again well done.Well no one ever said Da Raiders had a high IQ (since Plunkett, of course).The Rams destroyed Seattle and seem to have overcome the loss to the Eagles.

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