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Holistic Online notes that amla is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help suppress swelling around the eyes and may improve nearsightedness or cataracts.Natural Health Cure suggests washing the eyes with amla and til powder mixed in water can help relieve burning sensations in the eyes that may accompany "heavy" head" symptoms resulting from stress or other conditions.Take Amla, Turmeric and Fenugreek in equal quantity mix and consume one teaspoon with a glass of water.If a Diabetes patient consumes this remedy thrice a day regularly, he or she will surely benefit from this home remedy.It is also a traditional remedy for constipation when taken regularly, either in powdered form mixed with milk or as a murabba cooked with sugar or honey.The writer of this article is having a long term experience in the health, Benefits of Amla the writer is providing information about Benefits of Amla and written so many articles on Amla Benefits and Amla Benefits for Hair the writer is also answering the questions like.Amla is the Hindi name for the Indian gooseberry, a fruit widely used in herbal medicine.

Ayurvedic practitioners recommend taking amla murabba each day in the morning for its health benefits. Practitioners’ of Ayurvedic medicine recommend amla for digestive problems, including gastric disorders such as gastritis.

Holistic Online recommends drinking mixtures that include Alma to keep your eyes healthy or drinking amla powder with milk to improve your eyesight.

Counteracting Smoke According to an article on the Nutra Ingredients website, a lab study suggests that juice extract from the Indian gooseberry may help suppress the negative health effects of cigarette smoke.

Keep in mind that medical doctors do not recommend many of these treatments, and you should consult medical help for any serious ailment.

Amla is the Indian word for the fruit of the gooseberry tree that is native to all parts of India. It has a hard seed inside and the pulp is the edible part.

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