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The Joyland Books Secondhand Shop has just expanded with the addition of a huge collection of rare amusement park books, in fantastic condition.

With the park having closed in 2012, it makes the book all the more fascinating. The first book by roller coaster enthusiast Peter Andrews is a photographic look at the rides of the UK, along with some of the classics that have been lost since the mid 1980s.Camelot Theme Park was one of Britain's best known and longest established theme parks, but the history of its site - Park Hall - goes back much further.Alec Price tells the full story of the site in his book,.This is in recognition of his charity work and his ongoing contribution to tourism.Colin comments: “My parents opened the park in 1950 and I have been working there since I was a young boy, when my first job was helping them clear the rubble with my miniature wheelbarrow.

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