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During the 20 th century drinking horns started to attract the interest of researchers, and first publications began to delve into this topic.

During the 1950s two dissertations were written in Germany dealing exclusively with the archaeology of drinking horns (Gehrecke 1950; Müller 1955).

Photo by Klaudia Karpińska Grave 178 from Kopparsvik, Gotland.

Nonetheless, the archaeological evidence in combination with the literary sources and the depictions of drinking horns on Viking Age iconography provide a very good picture of the drinking horn tradition 2.

1 Regarding the problem of sagas as historic sources see also Vésteinn Ólasson (1998) and Meulengracht Sørensen (1993).

The aim of my research is to fill this gap and enhance our knowledge of the drinking horn tradition by looking closely at the textual evidence.

This article is based on my doctoral dissertation Drinking Horns in Old Norse Literature and Culture, in which I gathered evidence for the usage and symbolism of drinking horns during the Viking Age from a variety of sources within the fields of literature, archaeology and iconography.

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